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Learn About the History of Chicago Architecture

Benjamin H. Marshall: Chicago Architect was commissioned by the Benjamin Marshall Society in Chicago, Illinois, authored by John Zukowsky and Jean Guarino,  published by Acanthus Press in New York, with photography by Tom Harris of Hedrich-Blessing Photographers. The Society was founded in 2002 to highlight Marshall's architectural legacy.

Only Available In Your Local Bookstores!

Reviews have been spectacular!

The book has been a stunning success, and copies of Benjamin H. Marshall: Chicago Architect are almost out! Copies may still be available at Barnes and Noble, the Chicago Architecture Foundation, the Book Bin in Northbrook and the Book Stall in Winnetka. They are still on Amazon at the same price, $45.00. Authors John Zukowsky and Jean Guarino have made this monograph a real page-turner and the photos by Tom Harris of Hedrich-Blessing Photographers are stunning.

The Benjamin Marshall Society is on its way to its 15th year in 2017!  We could not have done it without your care and your support.


Born in 1874, Marshall was a practicing architect at the start of the 20th century and into the 1930s. He traveled the world, even visiting China and Japan. Marshall embraced a diverse range of cultures, which is reflected in the many iconic buildings he designed in Chicago, including his studio/home (since demolished) overlooking Lake Michigan. They include his creation of East Lake Shore Drive, the Blackstone Hotel, which hosted political conventions in its "smoke-filled rooms", the Drake Hotel, and the Edgewater Beach Hotel, where many Big Bands, film and theater artists of the 1920s performed. He also was a force majeure of the development of Streeterville and the Gold Coast in Chicago. The area, which at the time was a landfill, was transformed from marshland into the most luxurious real estate in Chicago.

The Benjamin Marshall Society celebrated the publication of Benjamin H. Marshall: Chicago Architect at an event at the Drake Hotel on May 15, 2016. This is the first book ever written about Marshall, filling a void in the cultural and architectural history of Chicago. This book is reviving the memory, legacy, and work of this most influential American architect.

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